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Making New Year’s Resolutions That Actually Last All Year Long

It doesn’t matter what your resolution is for the year – the trick is to make it stick.  Want to stop smoking?  Lose weight?  Start exercising?  Just eat healthy?  Whatever it is, you can do it.  Here are some tips and tricks to make your resolution work for the entire year – not just one or two months!

Think Small

If you want to quit smoking, maybe at first just cut back.  If you’re smoking a pack a day, cut back to half a pack.  Or if you want to start exercising and you haven’t been doing it at all do you really think you’re going to make it to the gym 7 days a week?  Plan to go two or three times a week.

Want to eat healthier?  You can still have dessert, but make it strawberries and whip cream rather than full fat ice cream!  And if you want to do all three things (stop smoking, start exercising and eat healthy) only change one behavior at a time.  Your body (and your mind) can’t take all that change at once.  You won’t be able to accomplish any of them if you try to accomplish all of them!

Share Your Goals

Talk to your friends and family about your hopes and goals and ask for their support too!  You cannot achieve your goals without the support of your loved ones.

Perhaps join a support group to talk about your feelings, frustrations with others that are going through the same things you are. This will help make your journey easier and more rewarding knowing that others are able to do accomplish what you are hoping to accomplish!

Perfection is Impossible

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss the gym for a few days because you were too busy, or ate a brownie at a party.  Life is about ups and downs.  The achievement is about not giving up and getting back on the horse and moving forward, not backwards.  Remember life is about a healthy balance and everything in moderation!

Schedule Your Goals

Exercising goals?  Put them on your calendar!  Or do them first thing in the morning before the rest of the day’s activities take over and you run out of time to get your workout in.  If healthy eating is your resolution, plan your meals.  Take time on Sunday to make a meal plan for the week.  If you plan all your meals – right down to your snacks – you are less likely to make poor choices!

Eliminate Your Obstacles

Are you worried, because you’ve tried these resolutions before and they haven’t worked?  Well, something got in your way and stopped you from achieving your goal.  What was that?  Figure that out and focus on how you’re going to eliminate that obstacle when it becomes a problem this time as their is always a creative solution.  You have to make yourself a priority and if you want the outcome of this resolution bad enough, then you’ll make it happen!