Biggest Loser tips to survive the holidays!

Don’t Let the Holidays Weigh You Down!

In 10 years, the Biggest Loser television show has helped contestants shed more than 30,000 pounds.  Trainer Bob Harper has been there from the beginning and has helped those men and woman accomplish that!

Ah, the holidays – a time when we all notoriously overindulge!  But not this year!  Trainer Bob Harper from “The Biggest Loser” has put together a great list of how to get through the next couple of weeks of holiday parties, family dinners and food-centered events without gaining any weight!

Just follow his 7 tips – which start before you even get to the party!

1. Wear tight clothes.  If you wear tight clothes, you will feel your clothes and you will be less likely to overeat.  So pull out those skinny jeans!

2. Try to be the last person in line at the buffet or food table.  The food looks a lot less appetizing after people have picked through them, so you’ll be less likely to try every dish on the table.  Aesthetics matter!

3. Don’t stand or sit at the food table.  People tend to do a lot of mindless eating and grab things as they’re having a conversation, so stay far enough away from the food so you can't do that.

4. Of course, the best thing to do is fill up on the healthy options available, but that’s not realistic.  So instead stick to one plate.  And pick a small plate.  Once you have one plate of food stop.  Don’t go back for seconds.

5. Turn one glass of wine into two – or other mixed drinks - by turning it into a spritzer.  Club soda is your friend at a party because it stretches out your cocktails.

6. If you put something on a cocktail napkin and it leaves a stain, toss it. If it stains a napkin, imagine what it will do to your intestines.

7. Drink a glass of water between every cocktail.  This will not only help keep you full, but also help reduce the amount of alcohol you consume as well.

So, enjoy the holidays.  Eat what you want, but if you remember to follow Bob’s tips you won’t be making that New Year’s resolution to lose the holiday weight!

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