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Yes, they are a huge time commitment; and you can’t just stay out all night or plan a week’s vacation at the last minute – you have to take care of your pet.  But pets actually do a body good when it comes to your health.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pet owners tend to have lower cholesterol, triglyceride levels and blood pressure than non-pet owners.

But there’s even more!  Humans would be healthier if they imitated some of these healthy behaviors that pets do every day, according to dog trainers and vets:

1. They focus on what matters most

Your pet never gets grumpy after a bad day.  They care about food, shelter and love and that’s all.  As long as they have that, they don’t care about anything else.  Humans would be healthier and happier if we modeled this behavior.

2. They practice portion control

Your pets never get to eat straight out of the bag, so why should you?  Your pets get reasonably sizes helpings of nutritionally balanced food – so you should do the same.

3. They know how to de-stress

When your dog is stressed they start actively seeking healthy activities – rather than the glass of wine or beer a human may reach for.  Getting that healthy activity in functions as a de-stressor and helps reset people (and pets) and brings us back to normal.  More so than alcohol would.

4. They hit the hay

Humans clearly don’t get enough sleep.  Squeeze in that cat nap or spend a lazy afternoon in bed every once in a while.  It will recharge you and keep you from being impaired in your activities.

5. They stretch

Dogs and cats stretch all the time.  It reduces your risk of injury and improves flexibility.  The yoga move is called downward dog for a reason!

6. They’re open to new things

Animals are curious.  They investigate new things when they see it.  It may drive you crazy, but seeking out new experiences can keep people feeling healthy and young so why not follow suit?

7. They’re comfortable getting zen

Studies have proved that meditation reduces stress.  So if you have a pet take a few minutes each day to just sit with your dog or cat, pet them and enjoy the quiet time and relaxation.  They do this multiple times during the day – why don’t you join them?

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