How to Live a Healthy, Long Life

Everyone says it’s all about genetics. But that may no longer be the case.  New studies have recently shown you may be able to change the way you age.  Telomeres, the parts of the chromosome which affect aging, become shorter as a person begins developing age related diseases.  But new studies have shown that making simple changes to your diet, exercise, stress management and social support may lengthen the chromosome that affects the aging process. It’s really quite fascinating.

Some ideas to get your started on your long, happy, healthy life:

1. Start a laughter club

Laughter can improve your immune system, reduce stress, and even relieve pain. So start laughing and make your family and friends join you.  Laughter clubs are rapidly increasing in numbers across the world.  Participants, many of them with chronic illnesses, get together to laugh.  Start your own or find a club near you at

2. Get your ZZZs

If you are over 50 years old, you should be getting at least six hours of sleep, but no more than nine.  Sleep strengthens the connections between the brain cells, helping you process information better so you think better.  Worried about wrinkles?  Fine lines, uneven skin tones, and reduces elasticity is more predominant if you get less sleep.

3. Don’t Worry About Your Weight

Worry about your waist circumference.  This is more important than your body mass index.  Your waist circumference is one of the strongest predictors of current and future health.  Even thin women who carry their weight in the abdomen have three times the risk of dying as thin women whose waist sizes are smaller.

4. Do Yoga

Yoga slows down the aging process by increasing DNA-protecting telomeres.  It also helps build stronger bones to help prevent fractures, improve balance and can be great therapy for rheumatoid arthritis and musculoskeletal pain.

Yoga can also help you trim your waist line (see #3), prevent heart disease, and it will make you feel good.  The best part - it can be done right in your own living room.  We have everything you need to get started right here with our brands, Gaiam, SPRI and Natural Fitness!

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