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Yoga is just as good for you as meditation.  Some may consider it medicine.  Many say it has healed their ailments – from bad backs, to MS, to rheumatoid arthritis.  Others consider it the best medicine for stress reduction.

There is proof that yoga has a number of health benefits, from physiological changes to stress relief.  Many turn to yoga as a form of fitness, but could it be a part of your overall healthcare routine?

Many true yoga practitioners swear that yoga has helped heal them faster when they are injured.  One health practitioner, Tiffany Cruikshank, literally prescribes yoga moves to her patients.  When they came in with back pain, she would teach them yoga moves to help with the pain and would find they would get better much faster.  As an internationally-renowned yoga teacher and holistic health practitioner, she treats the whole person – not just the symptom.

She’s not looking to replace modern medicine – but to enhance it and work together with it in a more synergistic way.

But just like any medicine – too much is a bad thing.  Modification and other healthcare practice are important for some illnesses such as massage and chiropractic medicine.  But with daily practice of yoga, she has seen proven results in patients’ injuries and chronic pain.

Yoga as Stress Reducer

Twisting yourself into a pretzel may not seem relaxing and stress relieving, but it really is.  Yoga can calm the mind while also giving your body the attention it needs.

Calming the mind and de-stressing is the perfect way to balance family and work life.  Try out these yoga poses to combat stress:

  • Downward Dog: This is one of the most practiced yoga poses.  The effects help stretch, strengthen and neutralize the spine while rejuvenating the mind with its slight overturn.
  • Seated Forward Fold: Use a small pillow to raise the butt off the ground and dive into a seated forward fold.  Staying in this pose for a solid three minutes can help relieve tightness in the hamstrings, which pull on the lower back and will help relieve tension.
  • Legs up the Wall: This supported inversion releases bad energy and drains the body of toxins.  Changing the path of blood flow creates new energy, reduces headaches, anxiety and insomnia and depression.
  • Child’s Pose: The therapeutic benefits are endless when you sit in a child’s pose.  Calm your brain, relax the hips, and gently stretch into the ankle joints.
  • Easy Seat: Get into a comfortable cross-legged seated position, let your hands rest easy, close your eyes and enjoy a minute of peace.  It’s as easy as that.
  • Corpse Pose: Although normally the pose to end a yoga session, it has many benefits.  It allows your body to melt into the mat and helps to ground the mind, slow the breathing and help release stressful thoughts.

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