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ADLs are the “Activities of Daily Living” or personal care activities. In the healthcare industry, professionals use ADLs as a tool to determine the care needs of a patient. These are the tasks necessary to get up and get your day started in the morning.

They include things like walking, eating, bathing, toileting, brushing teeth, dressing and grooming.  As people age one or more of these tasks may become more and more difficult – or nearly impossible to complete.

When that time comes, family members need to come together and discuss if it’s time for their loved one to get assistance with daily living. Many seniors who have daily challenges will not ask for help – they don’t want to be a burden to their family or friends.

Here are some questions to ask yourself on ten areas and a way you can quickly assess a loved one’s condition and identify if there is a need for concern in that certain area:

Medical Condition
Do they have any kind of disease, illness or other condition that could affect their daily living ability?

Daily Tasks
Are basic tasks (bathing, eating, dressing etc.) becoming challenging, time consuming or frustrating for them?

Are they able to handle their own finances, pay bills and make financial decisions when necessary?

Is your loved one getting through the mail each day or is it stacking up? Are there any past due notices? Do you notice if they appear to be a target for solicitation offers?

If they are still driving, are they at risk for getting into an accident Are their reflexes, vision and hearing all good and been given the okay by a doctor to continue driving?

Are they capable of turning off appliances, extinguishing candles/cigarettes, putting sharp objects away and locking the doors and windows?

Is your loved one bathing and brushing their teeth often enough? No body odor or bad breath?  How is their overall appearance?  Are they able to handle their own laundry on a regular basis?  Are the bed linens and towels clean?

Are they eating well-balanced meals?  Is their weight stable?  Is the food in the refrigerator a good variety with future expiration dates?

Is your loved one taking their medication at the right times, frequency and dosage? Do they know why they’re taking it?  Are they getting their refills when they need them?

Do they appear irritable, anxious or depressed?  Do they remember names, current events and places? Does being away from home make them uncomfortable?

Trust your instincts if you feel there is a problem.  It’s never an easy conversation to have, but acknowledging the areas of concern together as a family and perhaps there are simple fixes to provide assistance. Sometimes bringing the assistance to them in the comfort of their own home is an option – whether it’s a person or a tool.

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